Info about Triple Creek Farms


We care about self-sufficiency and sustainability at the Triple Creek Farms homestead.  Common knowledge that was widespread as little as 50 years ago is almost lost among most of the population.  Knowing how to garden, raise livestock, hunt, fish, butcher, cook, preserve food and repairing items has disappeared from much of society.  I am keenly interested in learning and preserving “the old time ways” from both a practical and intellectual point of view.  

Most people are now disconnected from the outdoors, working with their hands, and knowing how to maximize the utilization of available resources and minimize the impact to the environment. We have become a consumer oriented society with the consumption of highly processed foods, disconnection from “the real world” and commercialism where everything is bought off the shelf and if an item is no longer serviceable it gets thrown away instead of repairing or reusing it.



At our homestead we do a number of things to provide self-sufficiency and sustainability.  We have a small terraced garden that provides much of the vegetables during the warm months with the excess being preserved by canning, drying or freezing.  We raise chickens, turkeys and ducks for eggs and meat production.  There is a small herd of Nubian goats that are used for milk and additional income.  We raise Silver Fox rabbits for fur and meat. During the summer we typically raise two hogs for meat production.  We harvest venison and fish off the property.  Standing dead and windfall trees are harvested and milled using our sawmill.  The slab wood and scraps from the mill are used to heat the house during the winter.  I also have a small blacksmith shop and forge for making and repairing items and knives.  Our homestead is definitely not 100% self-sufficient but we are trying to maximize the use of the resources we have while minimizing consumption and impact to the environment.

Links to some of the activities on the homestead